Tuesday, July 26, 2011


First of all.... I wanted to remind you of the water party at my house tomorrow at 10.

Second: I want to take my kids to a dairy farm in Amalga that is really High Tech. A friend mentioned it and said it was really neat. It puts the cows on a carousel that they are milked on. I already talked to the owner and we can go Aug. 4th. The cows are milked from 12-2 so it would be more exciting to go then. She also thought that it would be nice to have the kids have some milk and cheese to try after but it would cost a little. What do you think? Are any of you interested? I haven't scheduled it yet because I wanted to get a feel for if anyone else would like to go.

Third: This will be my last post for the summer. Here is the rest of the letters, and what we came up with.

V: Video. Make a homemade video and then watch it. Come up with a story to play out.

W: Walk, take a walk

X: X marks the spot, make a treasure hunt

Y: Make a book about YOU

W: Willow park zoo.

Sorry for the lack of extra things but I'm getting busier and I need to focus on different things right now. I hope you have enjoyed doing some of the things. If you are interested in going to the dairy with me please call me or leave a comment. Thanks

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pioneer Activities

Did you know today is National Junk Food day? ...yeah me either. I'm pretty sure I'll observe it though ha ha. Here is a run down on this weekends activities.

North Logan has some fun things going on...since I'd rather not write it all down, just click and paste this web address : http://www.ci.north-logan.ut.us/temp/2011July24Flier.pdf

As for Logan City, here is the schedule of events: http://www.loganutah.org/parks_and_rec/dept_information/images/Special_Events/2011LoganCityPioneerDayCelebration.pdf

Happy Pioneer Day...and may you get lots of candy at the parade :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

T and U

T- TEA PARTY. Or as I call them at our house punch parties ha ha. I created a Westwood Restaurant box a few years ago that we pull out when we have our Punch parties. I added the burners on the bottom with a black sharpie so they can use it to play kitchen with also. Inside we have our "play" dishes and menus.

I made a menu and laminated it. It has common snacks like Gold Fish Fillet is gold fish, or Sliced and Fried Spudnik (chips), Breaded Sticks (pretzels) etc.. The kids love it when I act like a French waiter and yell at the cook (Jacques) who cooks in our pantry.
Have your kids make up their own menu.
I also have kept those plastic cards they send in the mail for credit card offers. Then at the end they pay with that or monopoly money.

U is for Utah.
Hop online and learn about Utah. Visit your local visitors center.

For a treat you can make Upside down cake, umbrella shaped cookies or these Unicorn cupcakes.

What ideas do you have for T and U?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

R and S day's and some more info

So I was at Wally world and was looking at their different craft things and found some Washable tempra paint for 5 bucks woo hoo. It came in 8 different colors.

Also some other things I haven't written down but have tried:
We roasted mini marshmallows over a candle with a toothpick....be very watchful of this one ha ha.
Face painting: They have some cheap paint at Walmart for this too.
Oh I also wanted to mention for those who don't know, Lowes and Home Depot have kids classes on Saturdays. Home Depot is the first Saturday while Lowes does their clinics on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 10:00. They make fun wooden projects.

So we had R day set out for Riding. We thought we could ride horses but we already did that. I guess you could go ride the horse ride at Kmart ha ha. I figured we would Ride bikes.

This is the craft, you can also do rainbow necklaces.

Froot Loops Rainbow
Suitable for 2+ years

Froot Loops cereal
Something with which to write
Separate the Froot Loops according to color. This would be good color practice for a child who is still working on color recognition.
Draw a rainbow on the paper.
Then glue the appropriate color fruit loops to he paper.

For S day : SOUNDS and SENSES

I love doing taste tests. Blind fold the kids and have them try different things like popcorn, sugar, grapes, salt... whatever you have on hand. See if they can guess what it is.

As for the sounds a fun game we have played is to split into teams and record different sounds around the house. Such as a door shutting, a book closing or water running and see if they can guess what the sound is from.

I'm running out of motivation to do this blog. Do you guys do these activities? Do I continue to post?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Q is for Quiet time

Q is a hard letter. When we got together we set Q as Quiet time. I have this scheduled for the 15th which happens to be our Ward Campout. So quiet time outdoors it is.
Although I'm pretty sure with a bunch of kids it will be anything but quiet he he

You can also play with Quiet books or have your kids help make them. Just type Quiet books in a search engine and a bunch of how to sites will show up.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

P is for Painting

Did you know you can buy end rolls at the Herald Journal for 1 dollar. There are still lots of paper left on them too. Great for little artists.

There are so many things you can paint or paint with. My kids love to paint with pudding although most of the time they eat their drawings. My kids also love Dot art. I bought a set when I saw them in Branson Missouri, you can check them out at this site: http://www.dotart.com/

We already did this for M day but at Walmart they have a cute set of six plastered animal magnets they can paint. They also have face paints pretty cheap.

Another kind of painting my kids like is to paint the bathtub. Just add a drop of food coloring into a bowl of shaving cream. Plus it leaves the bathtub smelling nice he he.

Did you know you can paint with milk? I saw this idea on friends blog a few years ago and had to try it. Just add a couple drops of food coloring into a couple tablespoons of milk. Draw on bread with clean paint brushes. If your like me and soggy bread doesn't sound appetizing, toast the bread. I have painted green leprechaun feet on my kids sandwiches for St. Patrick's day for the last couple years, they get a kick out of it. You can do the same for the different holidays (heart for Valentines, bunny for Easter etc...)

I think it would be fun to put that paper from the rolls all around the fence and let the kids paint like crazy with some washable paint. Then spray them off when they are done. Although my search for a cheap washable (won't stain) paint has been unsuccessful. If you have ideas, please share.

Here is a site for some Preschool paint recipes: http://www.perpetualpreschool.com/paint.html

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Community Event and Camps

Willow Park Zoo is having a Surf'n Safari. It is Tuesday July 12th at the Logan Aquatic Center. From 7:30-9:30. Adults $2.00; Children age 3-12 $1.00; Children 2 and under FREE. BYOC(Bring your own chair)
1st Annual Crazy Critter Canoe Race. Big Budah from FOX13 will be a special guest. Make an animal-themed boat from recycled materials and race your way across the lap pool for prizes. Doesn't this sound fun? Your imagination is the limit! Find more info on registration and fees and flotation rules at the rec center website www.logan.org/parks_and_rec

Proceeds will go towards the Willow Park Zoo

My Friend posted this on her blog.

Stokes Nature Center has some fun Summer Camps available.
Knee High Naturalists for ages 4-7
Thursday, July 7, 9am-12pm
Tuesday, August 2, 1-4 pm
Thursday, August 4, 9 am-12pm

Totally Trees for ages 4-7 and 8-12
Tuesday, July 19, 1-4 pm (ages 4-7)
Thursday, July 21, 9 am-12 pm (ages 8-12)

All classes are $30
Register by calling 435-755-3239 or at www.logannature.org