Tuesday, July 26, 2011


First of all.... I wanted to remind you of the water party at my house tomorrow at 10.

Second: I want to take my kids to a dairy farm in Amalga that is really High Tech. A friend mentioned it and said it was really neat. It puts the cows on a carousel that they are milked on. I already talked to the owner and we can go Aug. 4th. The cows are milked from 12-2 so it would be more exciting to go then. She also thought that it would be nice to have the kids have some milk and cheese to try after but it would cost a little. What do you think? Are any of you interested? I haven't scheduled it yet because I wanted to get a feel for if anyone else would like to go.

Third: This will be my last post for the summer. Here is the rest of the letters, and what we came up with.

V: Video. Make a homemade video and then watch it. Come up with a story to play out.

W: Walk, take a walk

X: X marks the spot, make a treasure hunt

Y: Make a book about YOU

W: Willow park zoo.

Sorry for the lack of extra things but I'm getting busier and I need to focus on different things right now. I hope you have enjoyed doing some of the things. If you are interested in going to the dairy with me please call me or leave a comment. Thanks


  1. The dairy sounds like it will be fun- count us in! Thanks for all of the fun ideas this summer, I can't believe how fast it has already gone by.

  2. We'd like to go too...we could be there by 1 pm. Let me know if you do schedule it, I'll need more details. :)

  3. Thanks for all these ideas. We would like to go to the dairy as well. E-mail me if you decide to go and we will be there!